Sidor om J.R.R. Tolkiens värld Arda (Midgård) [Middle-earth]

Tolkiens Arda: En omfattande svensk resurs- och diskussionssida om Midgård.

Tolkien Gateway: A resource page of Tolkien’s Middle-earth with a Wikipedia based interface, serving as a important companion to any Middle-earth campaign.

Lord of the Rings Wiki: Another resourceful and massive page on Middle-earth, strictly according to J.R.R. Tolkien, with a user friendly Wikipedia based interface.

The Encyclopedia of Arda: A rich and resourceful encyclopedia on all aspects of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Arda based only on his books.

The Tolkien Society: The home page of the British society devoted to J.R.R. Tolkien’s life and works, which contains valuable information regarding Arda.

The Valar Guild: A resource page and community with links, forums and articles to various topics on Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

The Elvish Name Generator: A crude and random, albeit simple name generator (using the mundane names of the player), for Elven PC’s as well as that of Hobbits, useful if the GM or player is unable to create his or her own.

Middle Earth Name Generator: Another simple and random name generator used to create names for Hobbits, Elves, Dwarfs, Men and Wizards, useful in a Middle-earth character generation.


Sidor om Midgårda Rollspel [Middle-earth Role Playing]

Rollspelsakademien: En hemsida som avhandlar olika svenskproducerade bordsrollspel och deras kompletta kataloger inklusive Äventyrsspels Sagan om Ringen: Rollspelet (SRR), till vars underkategori denna länk är kopplad.

Middle-earth Role Playing Wiki: A rich resourse page which uses a Wikipedia based interface that tries to collect all of the available data contained in J.R.R. Tolkien’s works as well as that of ICE’s Middle-earth Series and MERP. An invaluable resource to the GM of any MERP campaign.

Middle-earth Role Playing Community: A resourse site and community for Middle-earth Role Players with downloadable files from various role playing games, including some from MERP and fan based material, as well as essays on various topics conductive to Middle-earth campaigning.

Other Minds Magazine: A Internet based magazine devoted to role playing in Middle-earth, being the direct successor of the original magazine Other Hands, edited by Chris Seeman and devoted to MERP, which was published between 1993 and 2001.

ICE Webring: A rich resource page in its own right as well as a web ring interface and host for web pages containing information and catalogues on various games published by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE), such as the various editions of Rolemaster and MERP, as well as the Middle-earth Series of game modules and adventures.

Wayne’s Books: A web page presenting the ICE catalogue of MERP and Rolemaster, as well as the Middle-earth Series, appended with nice photographs.

A Bibliography of Middle-earth Role Playing and Related Materials: A rough and hodgepodge, albeit resourceful, catalouge compilation of ICE MERP products and reviews, etc.

The Guild Companion: A rich and resourceful homepage by a group of Gamemasters creating various fan-based game modules using ICE’s Rolemaster and MERP as a base.

MERP Fan Modules: A Yahoo-group on tabletop role playing games set in Middle-earth, not restricted to ICE’s game products alone.

Middle Earth Roleplay: A Swedish site written in English created by a local Gamemaster who shares with his ritch self-generated resource material and house rules, such as character sheets, etc.

Lindëfirion: House rules diverting from standard ICE MERP or RM for campaigns set in Gondor duing the waning years of that old Dúnedain kingdom.

Food in a fantasy world: Not keyed specifically for Middle-earth Role Playing, it still provides useful resourses and statistics for fantasy races and their cuisine in common with most fantasy worlds, including Middle-earth.


Sidor om spelminiatyrer [Miniature figures]

Mithril Lord of the Rings Collectable Metal Miniatures: Metal miniatures for role playing in Middle-earth (in 32mm scale), with a set of series especially produced for MERP; these are ideal for a historical realistic Middle-earth Role Playing campaign.

Thunderbolt Mountain: Historical and fantastic metal miniatures (in 25mm scale) designed by Tom Meier, some of them useful for a historical realistic Middle-earth Role Playing campaign.

Games Workshop: Formerly known as Citadel Miniatures Limited, a company who produces miniatures (mostly plastic in 28mm scale) for fantasy role playing, including campaigns set in the world of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings based upon Peter Jackson’s movies, a fact which limits their usability in a historical realistic MERP campaign; however, they do produce some useful series of goblins, orcs, dwarves and hobbits, as well as warriors and rangers of Arnor, and warriors of Rohan.



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